10 noviembre, 2011

Try Padel for free !!

Ten whole days of free padel lessons in English.

Free padel lessons in English

He visto en la web www.roundtownnews.co.uk que en el Club Padel Place de Murcia van a dar clases gratuitas de padel en Inglés desde el día 11 al 25 de Noviembre. El club proporcionará el material necesario, imagino que palas de padel y pelotas.

Una buena forma de internacionalizar el pádel es darlo a conocer a los residentes extranjeros para que más tarde puedan exportarlo a sus paises de procedencia... quizá el Club Padel Place no quiera ir tan lejos y sólo quiera enganchar a esa parte de la población que desconoce este deporte, pero nunca se sabe ;-)

Si alguien está interesado os dejo la nota completa de roundtownnews (RTN):

RTN WAS contacted this week by the Padel Place Padel Club in Pilar de la Horadada so that we can offer our readers ten whole days of free padel on one of their seven padel courts. The Padel Place located just behind the Policia Local building in Pilar, will be giving free padel lessons in English from today, 11th November until 25th November, every weekday morning from 10am until 1pm.

Padel courts are popping up all over the Costa Blanca and it is officially the fastest growing sport in Spain, with hundreds of people taking it up on a weekly basis. But most Brits haven’t a clue how to play it and therefore, its ex-pats whom the club are targeting with their free padel offer.

The game is great fun and an ideal alternative to the traditional games of tennis, squash and badminton. Two of the courts at the Padel Place are under cover, so in contrast to other padel clubs, you can play there in all weathers and the guys who are already members of the club are a lovely and friendly bunch who will be happy to welcome you, teach you the techniques and organise games for everyone.

And when you have finished, you can enjoy a coffee and tostada breakfast at the adjoining bar for just €1!

If you want to see how the professionals do it before embarking on the sport yourself, Spanish international padel player Maria Angeles Aguirre will be at the club from 10am today (Friday) and Sunday (13th) doing teaching workshops and playing exhibition matches. Prices for the workshop with Maria Angeles are €14 for non club members and €7 for members.

So, what are you waiting for? Get down to the Padel Place and learn a new sport! The club will be able to supply all the equipment for you and you can get more information by calling Paul on 96 676 1777 or 667 078 204. You can also visit the website at www.padelplace.com.

To get to the club, take the exit off the N332 for the ITV centre and the brightly coloured local police station is further up the road on the right hand side: the club is just behind the station.